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Queen of an Oriental Night
Timna Brauer became the queen of an oriental night, who knows the ornamental art of the East. She certainly and easily dominates the vocal high's needed for Mozart's Queen of the Night. This is no coloraturatwitter, but a strong scatsong that moves far, far away from any conception of the "Magic Flute". However, even when the musicians come close to the "original", they use twice as many syncopations and create a lot of humor and a good mood.
Frankfurter Rundschau




"The intense red of the floor-length robe alone signals what Timna Brauer's gentle person conceals - an expressive, at times overwhelming voice which easily masters difficult oriental-sounding passages and promises a big international career for the future. The listener immediately feels enchanted and transported to a world that has been transposed from the past to our time"
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten



Nothing about the fusion appears deliberate or artificial. After all, even the Jewish members of the audience feel enraptured by the moving interpretation of the Lord's Prayer. The fact that the younger members of the audience, who know Timna Brauer from the Jazz scene (in 1988 she appeared in Montreux the same evening as Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock) and who feel no affinity to Jewish traditions, applaud the same song because of its exciting musical cominations speaks volumes about the quality of the singer and her fellow musicians.
Der Bund


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"Elias Meiri is a musician and a pianist with a personal language. His personality and virtuosity can be found behind every note he plays. He is becoming known both in the United States and Europe as a great composer. Some of the tunes he played yesterday have a really classic dimension."
Tel-Aviv News


"The audience was swept along by the spontaneity and intelligence of the musical arrangements. Added to this was the unforgettable presence of an artist who combines the European and Oriental feeling into one harmonious whole and also shows that she can dance. At the end, there was a loudly applauded encore of the classic "Hava Nagila" and the cheering of the appreciative audience who would have gladly heard more."
Wolfsburger Allgemeine


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"The experienced all-round musician understands a lot "about speaking, singing, and making music". Her appearence with the Elias Meiri Ensemble at the children's matinee show in Theaterzelt was watched by about 500 children aged between 5 and 10. Timna Brauer expertly brought her little audience out of their shell and encouraged them to individual and collective actions until the clapping children confidently took center stage, engaging in Arabic belly dancing and stiking up three-part harmonies, and African rhythms and songs. It was good to know that professionals like this still have a special place for children in their hearts..."



"In her vocal performances, Timna Brauer displays a virtuosity that is breathtaking. She sings French songs and original numbers written by her and Eli Meiri. Their music is a fusion of classical chamber sound, jazz and a Middle Eastern style. The result is unique, original and inspired, proclaiming Brauer and Meiri as highly creative artists who stand head and shoulders above the mass of monkey-see-monkey-do mediocrity that all to often clogs the cultural scene..."

Jerusalem Post